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Jan 04

Perfect Timing

Click Here to See the Winner of the Apple Watch:

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With each New Year, there are so many fun and exciting changes.  EDGEhomes is no different.  Our past theme, “See Clearly,” is in the past now but still rings true.  SEE CLEARLY has been not only fun, but also an informative message.  Not to mention, we gave out over 10,000 pairs of EDGEhomes sunglasses.  What a year!

As we launch the 2016 theme for EDGEhomes, you might ask yourself, “What does EDGEhomes have up their sleeve for 2016?”  Well it’s funny you mention sleeve, because that ties into our theme for this year.  When it comes to an exciting message—and one that resonates with homebuyers—one of the keys to success is timing.  The other key is EDGEucating homebuyers, which again ties into timing.

Introducing the EDGEhomes theme for 2016 (drumroll please…)


I think we all relate to clocks, watches and timing.  When we make decisions, timing plays a key role in the overall success. One of the questions we hear over and over: When is the perfect time to buy a new home?  From start to finish, timing is critical in all aspects to buying, building, communicating, designing, financing and just about every area of building a new home.  As we explore the theme this year, EDGEhomes is committed to providing innovative solutions with perfect timing for an amazing home buying experience.

To launch this new theme, WATCH the social media for EDGEhomes giveaways that relate to all types of timing… for starters an Apple Watch.

What’s new this year…

WATCH for new EDGEtools to improve communication to build your new home.

WATCH homebuyer’s experiences as they share their successes and advice.

WATCH for EDGEucational tools to assist in critical decisions.

WATCH for Nate’s Corner – a new feature from our experienced Construction Team.

WATCH for amazing NEW COMMUNITIES across the Wasatch Front this year.

WATCH for new systems to improve your home buying & building EXPERIENCE.

At EDGEhomes, we are committed to providing the leading designs, communities and quality with unsurpassed service and communication with perfect timing.  As we move into 2016, you will experience the difference of EDGEhomes.  Perfect Timing will come to life as we share our incredible stories and EDGEucate buyers on real life situations that make sense.  It’s so much more than a theme, but since we want to have a little fun when delivering a message, why not?





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