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Dec 12

Meet the EDGEhomes Customer Service Department

Meet the EDGEhomes Customer Service Department in our newest YouTube video. We, at EDGEhomes, make sure our customer service is the exclamation point part of the home-buying process. Full of several highly-trained employees, our customer service department is specifically trained to address any needs or concerns that arise during the home-buying process.

EDGEhome customers should feel confident that they’ll have continued support even after they move in with our Customer Service Department. From the minute you sign to when you’re handed the keys and on, our customer services team will be by your side.

We even walk with you in a “new home owner orientation,” where one of our team members will take you room-by-room through your new home explaining every feature and detail, as well as, your new responsibilities as a homeowner. We want to make sure your prepared and educated for all your home-owning needs.

Also, reaching out to the EDGEhomes Customer Service Team is fast and easy. Our customer service can be reached on our website, where you can submit customer service requests. Or send us an email at customerservice@edgehomes.com or reach us at (801)494-0147. Also, visit our staff directory for all other contact information.


EDGEhomes is one of Utah’s premier home builders, specializing in building strong, well-constructed, and well-loved communities. Visit us online or call us at (801)494-0150 for all your home-building needs.

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