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Aug 08

Make-A-Wish Room Reveal for Mack

We All Have the Power to Grant a Wish®. Watch Mack’s Wish Room Reveal – Mack’s Wish Comes True!  MACK 3, Diagnosed with end stage renal disease, his wish is to have a Thomas the Tank themed playhouse of Course!

Click HERE to donate today or go to site.wish.org/goto/edgehomes Thanks to all of those who have contributed – we have collected 42% of our Goal.  via @makeawishutah


Dear Friends and Family,

For 3-year-old Mack, who was diagnosed with end stage renal disease as a baby, life

is pretty simple. He loves to play outside in the sunshine, slurp spaghetti, and best of all, play with trains.

Trains are so exciting for Mack—especially bright blue engines with can-do

personalities! Mack was introduced to Thomas the Tank Engine during one of his

hospital stays, and his obsession has been growing ever since. When Mack got the

chance to make a wish, he was struck with a brilliant idea—put all of his favorite things together in one special place!

So, how do sunshine, treats, and toy trains go together? In a Thomas the Tank Engine themed playhouse, of course.

It was only a few weeks before the masterpiece with the bright blue windows and door would be ready, and Mack couldn’t help but go outside and watch his dream play land come together. He couldn’t wait to start playing with his toys, pretending to go to school, and have sleep-overs with his daddy.

Finally, Mack’s playhouse was finished! He hardly dared breathe as he saw all of the

wonderful things inside. Trains and tracks, books and bits of all Mack’s favorite things adorned the room. He started jumping up and down with pure joy. He couldn’t believe it … a playroom all his own!

Mack immediately started setting up his train tracks to send his engines on all sorts of adventures. Even as bedtime came, he didn’t want to leave!

Now, every day Mack looks forward to spending all of his time in his wonderful, blue

playhouse. He loves to invite his friends over to play with all of his trains, and he can’t get enough of reading time with mommy.

With his super cool playhouse so easily accessible in the back yard, Mack can’t wait to begin his next set of playtime adventures—he starts preschool in the fall! It’s easy to guess what he’s bringing to show and tell.

Kids like Mack are the reason EDGEhomes established a Make-A-Wish® fundraising page. We believe that a Make-A-Wish experience can change everything for a child with a life-threatening medical condition.

Please help by contributing any amount you can – $30, $50, $100 or even more. Every dollar you donate can help Make-A-Wish kids renew their courage and find a turning point in their lives.


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