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Apr 24

Land, Lots and Locations with Ben Daniels

Hi I’m Ben Daniels. I’m a Sales Agent with EDGEhomes. I want to take a quick second to talk to you about community, locations and lots. At EDGE we know that Location is key when you are looking for that next home next community to live in, for you and your family. So when we go out and look for new developments and new projects. We keep that in mind. We look for everything from all different price points. Townhomes, smaller lots 10th of an acre lots all the way up to full  lots with horse property. We’ve got 22 locations in 9 cities everywhere from Utah County, Salt Lake County and up into Heber.

On top of that we provide some pretty incredible tools online at www.EDGEhomes.com interactive plat maps where you can see real time what lots are available, what lots have sold and what homes are built on those lots around you so you can identify the exact locations and were to come in and visit us at. You can also find interactive floorplans where you can customize the plan as well as your favorite EDGE Agent.  Feel free to get online at EDGEhomes.com, take a look and come out to see us, I’d love to help you.

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