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Life in Springville

Springville was settled over 150 years ago and for many years remained largely unchanged as a beautiful small town.  Ever since the 90’s however, the city has become a bustling, and thriving, center for residential and economic growth, especially within the last decade.  The center of the town fondly remembers the city’s history, and the outer sections of the city are seeing rapid development that supports and preserves the nostalgia contained in the center.  Settling in at the base of Hobble Creek Canyon, Springville has quick access to a variety of exciting adventures in nature, such as camping, fishing, hiking, and horseback riding.  Just north of Springville is easy access to the larger Provo Canyon, and then just south is Spanish Fork Canyon, both of which expand the potential outdoor destination’s.  Springville carries with it the nickname of Art City, because of support and development of the arts and is home to the oldest museum for fine arts in Utah, the Springville Museum of Art.  Springville is a thoughtful, reflective, and charming place to live, and promotes, like much of Utah, a comfortable family lifestyle.  Your life can transition, easily, from the commercial city life, to nature and the outdoors, to contemplative appreciation of arts, all within a single city, in a single day.

Your New Springville Home

Springville has experienced astonishing growth over the past decade, is expected to keep growing, and has made a place for you within the city limits.  EDGEhomes knows Springville, what is important there, and what is important to someone looking to buy, or build, a Springville home.  Promoting the same ideals, in the construction of your Springville home, that the city itself promotes in its community and culture, you can be assured that there will be paramount flexibility and integrity  from beginning to end. With BYU and UVU just minutes away, Springville is an ideal location for inexpensive condos.  With condos starting in the $100’s, it make sense to buy instead of rent.

EDGEhomes and You

Take some time to explore our floor plans, and new model home, in Springville and then, when you’re ready, call 801-300-2085 to talk to us at our office.  Another option is to visit our contact page for additional information.  You can also see some of our other projects and examples of our work there.  Our floor plans can be found here, and our quick move-in options here.

We look forward to helping you make your new home in Springville!

“No builder that we have ever talked to is doing what you guys [at Edge] are doing. We looked at the sales board in the main office and we know you guys are building a TON of homes. But we truly feel that Edge is treating us like we are their only client.”

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