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Apr 13

Homebuying Tips with Aaron Parkes

Hello my name is Aaron Parkes. I’m an Architectural Designer here at EDGEhomes.  I’m one of the guys you will meet with if you decide to do any customization to your floorplan. I wanted to give you some tips and tricks on some things you can do before you come and meet with me. One of the things I would definitely recommend is getting a hold of an option sheet. Now what this option sheet is gonna do is it’s gonna give you some standard options and list some standard pricing for things like levels of flooring, cabinet levels, different things like that. That way you can See a little bit more Clearly your budget before you come to meet with me.

So when you come and meet with me we’ll discuss some of our non standard options
such as adding square footage adjusting master bathroom layout adding space to your garage
 among various other things. EDGEhomes is unique in the way that we offer a standard floor plan and allow you to customize it based upon your needs.
Another recommendation I would give you is to visit our website www.edgehomes.com look up the IFP’s (Interactive Floorplans) and go over some of our standard options and get an idea for what you want to do to your home before you come and meet with me. I look forward to meeting with you. And we’ll see ya soon.
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