EDGEhomes Blog

Jan 11

Home Buying Experience

EDGEhomes brings a unique home buying experience into sharp focus.  Drive through an EDGEhomes community and the difference is clear. These communities are built for people and the way they live and enjoy life.  The approach to building a new home is based on how families live and what they enjoy doing.  No matter what your family looks like we have a solution with products and price-points for everyone from Millennials to Baby Boomers.  Building solutions for real people with details that set each home apart.  Trademark features that have made EDGEhomes famous are the heart of the home where people hang out in the great room, enjoy family moments, entertain for friends or just relax with an amazing view.  It’s much more than a list of features, it’s a way of living.  With benefits of energy efficiency, to award winning floor plans and unsurpassed quality, EDGEhomes covers every detail from start to finish with the buyer in mind.  From the minute you walk through the door of an Edgehome model, it’s clear that it’s all about the people and it’s not the typical home buying experience. Being more than a homebuilder sets EDGEhomes apart because the solutions are for real people.  Building communities that will not only last but be treasured.   Home buyers are more educated than ever before and EDGEhomes embraces tools to help each buyer have an awesome experience with perfect timing.  A unique home buying experience only found at EDGEhomes.

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