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May 16

Happy Mother’s Day from EDGEhomes

EDGEhomes would like to thank and celebrate mothers, for all that they do for us. Not only do they read us stories, do our hair, and help with homework, but they also teach us how to love, support us throughout our lives, and they raise us to be the people we become. Mother’s Day allows us to celebrate and admire mothers and other mother-like figures in our life for the impact they make on our lives and communities.

This video shows two children thanking their own mother for the small acts of service she does day to day. She paints her daughter’s nails, she plays legos with her son, and together they all make cookies. In return, her children write notes and draw pictures to thank her for all that she does in their life.

EDGEhomes wants to especially thank and honor all mothers for the impact they have in a home. Whether she works hard to support her family, or if she stays at home to be with her children, all types of mothers deserve to be appreciated every day of the year for their unconditional love, service, and for turning houses into homes.


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