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Mar 01

EDGEhomes Tools

There are so many tools you get from EDGEhomes, but we want to share a few that stand out and will help you have a perfectly timed experience with EDGE.

The Scoop on Using Our Preferred Lenders

One of the tools that you have at EDGEhomes is a preferred lender—somebody who is going to help you from start to finish and walk you through all the financial details to purchasing a home. One of the most important things they do is give you all the details you need to make great decisions. They’re there at the starting point, EDGEucating you on how much home you can afford, which decisions make sense for you in your individual situation, and just overall helping you make a great decisions as you buy your new home.

In addition, using a preferred lender also guarantees that you close on time. One of the problems of using an outsider lender is that they won’t necessary close on time, causing issues. Ensure you close on time and have a great experience from start to finish financially with our preferred lenders. As you can see, our preferred lenders are an important part of our EDGE tools because they give you the important facts about buying a home as it relates to you financial needs—and you need to know you can trust a lender that will look out for what’s best for you.

Our Tool We Want Everyone to Know About: Interactive Floor Plans

Another really cool tool that so many of our homebuyers don’t realize they have is our interactive floor plans. When we updated our website, we added this amazing feature. Interactive floor plans enable buyers to pick a floor plan they like and customize it so that their home can become 100% what they want. This tool even has details of some of he most popular floor plan options. Not only can you change the infrastructure of your home, but you can also use this tool to plan where you will place your furniture. So many buyers want to know what their sofa is going to look like. Now you have this online tool to help with your EDGE floor plan. NOTE: At this time, this feature is limited for single-family homes because buyers cannot make structural changes to our townhomes or condos.

Not Your Ordinary Sales Experience

When buying a new home, there are so many different ways to make that purchase and details. We provide a counselor to help you, give you information, and help you determine the best design, floor plan, and community that you’re looking for. The little details make all the difference at EDGEhomes! We’re here to help you have all the vital information you need to make the best decision.

When entering one of our sales offices, not only will you be wowed by our colors and fresh design, but (more importantly) you will be provided with the information and tools you need in a way that’s not overwhelming. They’re there to help you make that process an amazing home buying experience.

Brainstorm Home Ideas with Our Website

Have you ever wanted to just see tons of photos and ideas of what your new home could look like—all the while tying it back to a specific floor plan or community? With EDGEhomes, one of the favorite things that our buyers do on our website is look at thousands of photos that will inspire them as they decide how they want their kitchen, exterior, bathroom, or whatever room they’re looking for ideas. Using our website helps the buyers pinpoint the best possible solutions for their home. Our website also has interactive site maps for all out communities, allowing you to see which lots are available at any given day.

You’ll Love Our Design Center

Once you a buy a new home, the key is getting what you ant and following through on your plan. The next step in building a home is going to design center, which is a total blast. You’ll even be assigned your own personal design consultant. She will show you all the amazing trends, ideas, and cool items to put in your home so that you get that perfect fit. Each consultant will help you focus and streamline your decision making process so that not only will you get what you want, but you’ll have a great time doing it.

When you come to design center, you’ll feel relaxed as you create and make decisions to bring your dream to life. When a designer is working with you, they’re not just looking at color, but they’re visioning the way you’ll be using your home so it best fits your needs. Because of that, you’ll see how unique each home will look based on the buyer. That’s what we try to do at EDGEhomes—meet each buyer’s wants and needs. This inspires you to bring your home to life.



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