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Jun 11

Browser 2015 – EDGEhomes Parade Home

The Utah Valley Parade of Homes is happening right now and whether your looking at design ideas, maybe your remodeling or thinking of building there is something for you to check out. Take a tour with Jed Stewart the VP of Sales and Marketing

Whether your interested in the the view or the living room or the kitchen, the homes featured in this years Utah Valley Parade of Homes has something for everyone.
This home is built by EDGEhomes. It’s in Lehi near the outlets by Traverse Mountain. But it’s just not about amazing new homes there’s something for you to check out if you got any design project in mind.

Wow that’s a gorgeous home. Thanks to EDGEhomes for showing us around. Utah Valley Parade Homes runs through June 20th and you can get tickets at www.uvparade.com or just show up at any featured home and buy a ticket there.

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