EDGEhomes Blog

May 11

Behind the Scenes with EDGEhomes Amazing Employees

Join us this week as we take a behind the scenes look at the amazing team at EDGEhomes!

Hi I’m Kellie Little I’m the Director of Marketing at EDGEhomes. I’m Megan Van I’m the Marketing Coordinator.

We have people ask us all the time “Why is EDGEhomes so successful in the Home Building Industry?” We’re going to tell you some of the secrets today. The secret is our Amazing, Incredible EMPLOYEES.

We have Amazing people at EDGEhomes. So what we thought we could do this week is introduce some of them to you. So go behind the scenes with EDGEhomes. We’re going to have a little bit of fun – right! We’re going to bring it to you this week. 

Stay Tuned each day we will be posting different things about EDGEhomes and about the people.

I’ll tell you one secret right now about EDGEhomes: This football – It’s in the Exec Room. Our Execs at EDGEhomes they’ll throw this around but they don’t know I’m working on a spiral so be watching for it. It’s a good one!

Have fun this week with EDGEhomes and stay tuned for some great footage and we’ll see you soon.

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