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Sep 20

At EDGE our Builders help you See Clearly

Meet Cameron one of our many EDGEhomes Builders.

“I’m Cameron here with EDGE. I’m a builder, superintendent. We’re here today to help customer’s See Clearly.         One thing that we do here at EDGE is we provide you with a one-on-one basis with all of our builders, myself included. You’ll have my personal phone number, email and you’ll have a direct contact with me. We also do on-site meetings once a week. We’re able to walk through your home and make sure that it’s built the way that you’re wanting it done.”

* DISCLAIMER: The figures shown represent monthly principal & interest payments only. Monthly taxes, home owners insurance, and Mortgage Insurance are not included in this amount. These figures are based on a Conventional mortgage loan with a 5% down payment and are based on a 700 credit score. These are estimates only and not guaranteed payment amounts.

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