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Feb 17

5 Wow Factors and Trends for 2015

There are many ways to design a space with colors and textures.
The best place to start is the home itself. The structure of a home is the foundation of great design, but adding to that really makes a home a persona expression. Kellie with EDGEhomes joined Good Things Utah to share some of the fun and affordable ways to design a new home for that wow factor.
5 Wow Factors & Trends for 2015
1. Cabinet design and colorThe kitchen is one of the most used and visible aspects of a home. Make it work for you. Cabinet colors are an easy way to make a statement that is affordable. White cabinets are really big right now. Glass can add a point of interest and let the light through. The Parade Home has contrasting cabinet colors with the tile that makes it pop.
2. Tile creates flair
Tile backsplashes sway design in the room and establish a design look. Trends for tile include subway tile, metallic finishes and installation styles with impact.  The house pictured in the clip has several styles and each is unique.
3. Floors lay the foundation
Flooring options have never been so great. There are many ways to use flooring to create a one of a kind look. One of the hot new looks for tile is the appearance of wood. Laminate floors are also popular and affordable. The wood designs are endless can achieve a beautiful look.
4. Add a couple of details
The fireplace in the home pictured is featured in the room so it has a  high impact, and becomes a real focal point. This creates value because you are getting the most out of the design dollars in the structure of the house. This is a fireplace you won’t want to leave in the corner. Another fun feature is the staircase. Use a stain color to enhance the look. Some of the most popular plans have large staircases that lead out in establishing a look for the home.
5. Open spaces
One of the reasons to build instead of buy an existing home is for the open spaces and amazing floor plan designs offered today. An extended nook, family room or master bedroom changes the entire appearance of the home.
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