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Nov 24

11 Ways to Winterize Your Home

As we approach winter home buyers have asked us how to prepare for the upcoming season. Here are a few ideas you may want to consider. Shout out to Jared Gillette for taking the time to star in our video and sharing  some tips for getting your house ready for winter.

1) Exterior Door

This is the exterior door on your home. It’s sealed on 4 sides. There are 3 things you can check to make sure your home is sealed tight. The first thing you want to check is to make sure that when your door closes, that your dead bolt will properly latch. This threshold is adjustable so that in the wintertime and springtime you can raise and lower it accordingly. If you can feel wind or see daylight, remove one of the tacks and with a flat head screw driver, adjust your threshold up or down. The third place to check is your weather stripping. Make sure that the weather stripping is properly seated as well, that there are no tears or missing pieces.

2) Exterior Hoses

Make sure all hoses are disconnected from the hose bibs, before temperatures drop below 32 degrees.

3) Downspout

This green popup is an extension of your down spout. Make sure you trim around this in the fall so that in the spring when water runs off, you’ll be able to get proper drainage.

4) Furnace Exhaust Pipes

These exhaust represent 2 furnaces. Most homes with one would only have 2 pipes. Make sure these exhausts are free from any debris.

5) Sprinkler System

On your sprinkler box, make sure that the dial is set to off.

6) Pressurized Irrigation

This is an example of the pressurized irrigation valve. The valve with the red handle in the down position is an example of this having been winterized.

7) Door & Window Seals

As your house expands and contracts with the seasons, some separation may occur between the seal and the frame of the window or door. This can be remedied by applying a bead of silicone or caulk along this separation.

8) Smoke detectors

Just a reminder, smoke detector batteries need to be replaced twice a year.

9) Thermostat

When you’re ready to switch form ac to heat in your home, make sure your thermostat is set in the auto position at the fan, and also, to the heat position.

10) Furnace Issues

A common warranty call in the wintertime, can be remedied by making sure that the switch is on at the furnace, that the thermostat has been set, and that your air filters have been changed remember to change your air filters every month

11) AC Power/Off

You can also shut the power off to your air conditioning units. In the breaker panel box located in your laundry room or in your mechanical room, find the breakers labeled AC, and shut them off.

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